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Getting Involved

Not everyone wants to get involved in the same way. On this page we might present different options to encourage others to get involved in our cause. For example:

Volunteer Your Time

How can you help? Attend our regular meetings....assist with organizational projects and fundraisers....renew membership dues annually....participate in our workshops....keep an eye out for our watershed

Register for an Upcoming Event

We'll keep you posted on our organization's activities and workshops as they are developed.

Make a Donation. Individual membership donations are only $15. Family membership donations are $25. Business / Corporate membership donations are $50.

As a non profit group, funding is always a problem. Your donation will go a long way to helping us purchase needed equipment to monitor our watershed and to publish ur newsletters.

Write a Letter or Sign a Petition

We will keep you informed of any inportant environmental legislation to be voted on at the state and federal levels. We will also include names and addresses of key politicians to contact in lieu of this legislation. When our representatives hear from us, they will know which way to cast important votes.