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Acid Rain in Pa.


One prominent source of pollution plagueing the North Fork Watershed and relatively unnoticed by most people is ACID RAIN. ph (percent Hydrogen) is a major factor contributing to the overall health of an aquatic population in all streams including the North Fork Creek and its tributaries. The problem has dramatically worsened over the past couple decades due to factors including acid precipitation, lack of a natural buffer, and the nature of our mixed hardwood forests.

It has been through the combined efforts of the Pa. Federation of Sportsmen, Trout Unlimited, Northfork Conservancy for the past decade and most recently the North Fork Watershed Association and our local government that we have attempted to maintain an acceptable pH in our streams to sustain a healthy trout population. Tons of limestone and soda ash have been added annually to our watershed's tributaries to create a buffering zone to elevate the pH to an acceptable level. The cost of this effort runs into the thousands of dollars. Through the generosity of area sportsmen, and concerned citizens that has allowed us to take these important measures. We thank all the contributors and members of the Federation of Sportsmen, Trout Unlimited, The Northfork Conservancy, the Brookville Municipal Authority, the North Fork Watershed Association and other organizations for all their support.

To learn more about Acid Rain in Pennsylvania, go to top of page and click on the "trout". You will be directed to a publication of the PFBC addressing the state wide issues regarding the problems of acid rain in our Commonwealth.